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At Calm and Clear® we specialise in helping to relax and unwind the mind and body by offering you a number of holistic top to toe treatments.

Body Treatments

Treatments for relaxation and health for feet and body.

Face Treatments

Face treatments for face & head related issues, skin management and vitality.

Fertility & Pregnancy

The very best fertility/conception and pregnancy treatments for every couple.

Signature gift packages & vouchers

We have a range of exclusive Signature package treatments, gift vouchers and products to suit everyone.

Find a package for all your requirements, or make your own using vouchers and products.  All products can be purchased via our online shop.

The power of Superfoods

The power of Superfoods

  Unless you've been living under a rock for the past few years the term "Superfoods" will have hit you from all directions, and it's all over social media and the mainstream press.   What is the power of Superfoods and what does the term "Superfoods" mean...

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