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Welcome to Calm and Clear Complementary Therapies®
an award winning one stop holistic therapy centre in London

At Calm and Clear® we specialise in helping to relax and unwind the mind and body by offering you a number of holistic top to toe treatments.

Body Treatments

Treatments for relaxation and health for feet and body.

Face Treatments

For face & head related issues, skin management and vitality.

Pregnancy Treatments

Soothing pregnancy treatments.

Fertility Treatments

Effective fertility/conception treatments.

Signature gift packages & vouchers

We have a range of exclusive Signature package treatments, gift vouchers and products to suit everyone.

Find a package for all your requirements, or make your own using vouchers and products. All products can be purchased via our online shop.

Endometriosis – a personal story

Over this past week I’ve had more discussions about endometriosis than I have done in months, all thanks to the BBC releasing the results from questioning 13,500 women highlighting the effect endometriosis has on them.  This research described how almost half of the women have had suicidal thoughts, are addicted to strong prescriptive painkillers and…

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Endometriosis Awareness Month

March 2019 is Endometriosis Awareness Month in the UK.   As someone who has this condition I’m quite aware of the general lack of knowledge of this even in healthcare professionals.  This post is to give some information about the condition and ways to help.   The following information has been gathered from Endometriosis UK…

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Breast Cancer and Complementary Therapies

To mark this October as Breast Cancer Awareness month I would like to focus on the use of Complementary Therapies (as opposed to alternative therapies) for anyone dealing with Breast Cancer.   So what are Complementary Therapies?   There are literally hundreds of different complementary therapies available, but below is a list of some of…

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Does Breast Screening help or harm?

  Does breast screening help or harm? This seems to be one of the headlines today, on the second to last day of breast cancer awareness month.   So what is this all about then? The debate about whether an NHS Breast Screening programme is necessary and whether it helps has been hotly debated for…

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DCIS – the Controversial Breast Cancer

Everyone has heard of Breast Cancer. Those 2 words are enough to scare any of us, men or women, as we all know someone who has had a fight with this disease. With this disease everyone always thinks about lumps being detected, and then being removed followed by further treatment. How many of you have…

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What the press says:

Super-friendly therapist Rima immediately put me at ease with a full health consultation, and questions about my lifestyle, including exercise and nutrition……The results were immediate, and my tight shoulders and back felt lighter and much more balanced, and afterwards I had the best night’s sleep in months. I found the whole experience very positive, and would certainly go back for more treatments, especially at a time of stress or if I was struggling to sleep.

Lucy Halfhead - Harpers Bazaar

I just had my amazing facial…………..Thank you so much for my facial, I absolutely loved it……the little eyebrow thing you did there was lovely….

Fearne Cotton - BBC Radio 1

I booked in to visit Rima Shah, reflexologist and owner of London’s Calm and Clear Complementary Therapies, to see how the treatment would *really* made me feel……. I really wasn’t prepared though for how zonked I’d feel that night and had the best, deepest night’s sleep I’d had for a while. In fact for the rest of the week I could barely keep my eyes open past 9pm, and made the most of this surprise exhaustion by succumbing, crawling into bed early each night and catching up on sleep. What a treat.

PP rating: 5/5 – For the deep understanding of the female body.

Claire Blackmore - Pink Parcel

Rima of Calm and Clear Complementary Therapies offers the option to stop and see your reflection half way through and the magic she makes becomes clear. One half of my face looked more lifted, brighter and younger. No exaggeration. Besides the visible effects the almost sedating experience includes stress and tension relief. Goodbye headaches, hello quiet mind. I floated out with make up-free confidence.

Bridget March - Cosmopolitan

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