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Are painkillers causing your headaches?

1 million Britons have headaches from overusing painkillers was one of the many headlines to hit the papers back in 2012 when I first wrote this blog post. This week The Evening Standard has published results of a big investigation it has done into the overuse of painkillers, and in particular opioids, in the UK,…

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Winter warmer – Turmeric milk

These colder winter days have me reaching for the comforting warm drinks and food such as hot turmeric milk, as well as the hot water bottle. Growing up in a Gujarati household with not just my parents but also with my grandparents has been such a joy for me.  My grandmother and mother have always…

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Allergies and Intolerances – a rising nuisance?

If you look at the media and in health food shops you’d be under the impression that the majority of the population in the UK has a severe allergy or intolerance. Just the other day on the escalator on London Underground I saw a poster for the Allergy Show – a whole show just related…

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Treatment Q&A – can I still receive a treatment?

I often get asked about when it is and isn’t appropriate to receive a treatment, whether this be reflexology, facial rejuvenation, pregnancy massage or similar. I have set up a dedicated FAQ page on the website, but of course not everyone will go to this (or know about it).  Some people just want some basic advice…

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5 Top Tips for Summer Allergies

  The summer sunshine brings a smile to most faces. However, it can also bring along some misery for a few particularly those who suffer from seasonal allergies such as hayfever. Luckily, there are a great number of things you can do to help naturally reduce the irritations that come with the seasonal allergies.  …

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Ovarian Cancer Awareness month – not a silent killer

March is Ovarian Cancer Awareness Month in the UK. There are a number of myths and facts about ovarian cancer that are spread around, some due to incorrect information available to the public and others due to misdiagnosis from the medical world – and that includes using the phrase “the silent killer”. Ovarian cancer is…

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To Chew or not to chew, that is the question.

Quite recently I’ve noticed an ever growing trend of people drinking their meals rather than eating them.  Juices, smoothies and like have really exploded into our modern city life.  Nutribullets, Vitamix and Nutrininjas are all over the place and probably some of the most talked about machines in 2016.  If you listen to people they…

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The power of Superfoods

  Unless you’ve been living under a rock for the past few years the term “Superfoods” will have hit you from all directions, and it’s all over social media and the mainstream press.   What is the power of Superfoods and what does the term “Superfoods” mean to you? I asked a few people and…

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That just takes the gall (bladder)

Do you know where your gallbladder is and what it does? No? Then you’re not alone. Most of us have heard of people suffering from gallstones or problems with their gallbladder but unless you remember your biology you may not remember details of what it is and why we need it. The digestive system is…

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5 Tips for Healthier Skin

Do you look at some people’s skin with great envy wondering why yours is not as good as theirs?  What do you think their secret may be? We have to accept that much of the original structure of our skin is down to our DNA and some people are naturally more prone to dryness and…

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What the press says:

Super-friendly therapist Rima immediately put me at ease with a full health consultation, and questions about my lifestyle, including exercise and nutrition……The results were immediate, and my tight shoulders and back felt lighter and much more balanced, and afterwards I had the best night’s sleep in months. I found the whole experience very positive, and would certainly go back for more treatments, especially at a time of stress or if I was struggling to sleep.

Lucy Halfhead

Harpers Bazaar

I just had my amazing facial…………..Thank you so much for my facial, I absolutely loved it……the little eyebrow thing you did there was lovely….

Fearne Cotton

BBC Radio 1

I booked in to visit Rima Shah, reflexologist and owner of London’s Calm and Clear Complementary Therapies, to see how the treatment would *really* made me feel……. I really wasn’t prepared though for how zonked I’d feel that night and had the best, deepest night’s sleep I’d had for a while. In fact for the rest of the week I could barely keep my eyes open past 9pm, and made the most of this surprise exhaustion by succumbing, crawling into bed early each night and catching up on sleep. What a treat.

PP rating: 5/5 – For the deep understanding of the female body.

Claire Blackmore

Pink Parcel

Rima of Calm and Clear Complementary Therapies offers the option to stop and see your reflection half way through and the magic she makes becomes clear. One half of my face looked more lifted, brighter and younger. No exaggeration. Besides the visible effects the almost sedating experience includes stress and tension relief. Goodbye headaches, hello quiet mind. I floated out with make up-free confidence.

Bridget March


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