Ovarian Cancer Awareness month – not a silent killer

Ovarian Cancer Awareness month – not a silent killer

March is Ovarian Cancer Awareness Month in the UK. There are a number of myths and facts about ovarian cancer that are spread around, some due to incorrect information available to the public and others due to misdiagnosis from the medical world – and that includes using the phrase “the silent killer”. Ovarian cancer isView Full Post »

To Chew or not to chew, that is the question.

To Chew or not to chew, that is the question.

Quite recently I’ve noticed an ever growing trend of people drinking their meals rather than eating them.  Juices, smoothies and like have really exploded into our modern city life.  Nutribullets, Vitamix and Nutrininjas are all over the place and probably some of the most talked about machines in 2016.  If you listen to people theyView Full Post »

That just takes the gall (bladder)

That just takes the gall (bladder)

Do you know where your gallbladder is and what it does? No? Then you’re not alone. Most of us have heard of people suffering from gallstones or problems with their gallbladder but unless you remember your biology you may not remember details of what it is and why we need it. The digestive system isView Full Post »

Ayurveda for Memory

Ayurveda for Memory

Daily I hear from clients, friends and family that they can’t seem to focus, concentrate or that their memory isn’t quite as sharp as it was.  They ask me if there is anything that I can think could assist them.  This is where my mind goes to Ayurveda for Memory. Ayurvedic medicine is the traditionalView Full Post »

Ingredients – Sodium Benzoate – 10 Top Facts

Ingredients and chemicals, such as Sodium Benzoate, are used in our foods and cosmetics.  But what is safe and what isn’t? This is a particularly engaging topic for me, especially coming from a background where I studied organic chemistry at a degree level.  So I thought that I’d share some of these facts with you.View Full Post »

Treatment Q&A – can I still receive a treatment?

I often get asked about when it is and isn’t appropriate to receive a treatment, whether this be reflexology, facial rejuvenation, pregnancy massage or similar. I have set up a dedicated FAQ page on the website, but of course not everyone will go to this (or know about it).  Some people just want some basic adviceView Full Post »

Detox – is it healthy or not?

  Doing a January detox seems to be the fashion these days, and if we believe all the papers and magazines it seems that everyone is doing one and that it’s the best thing for you.     There are so many people who go totally cold turkey from 1st January and then within aView Full Post »

Does Breast Screening help or harm?

  Does breast screening help or harm? This seems to be one of the headlines today, on the second to last day of breast cancer awareness month.   So what is this all about then? The debate about whether an NHS Breast Screening programme is necessary and whether it helps has been hotly debated forView Full Post »

Breast Cancer and Complementary Therapies

  To mark this October as Breast Cancer Awareness month I would like to focus on the use of Complementary Therapies (as opposed to alternative therapies) for anyone dealing with Breast Cancer.   So what are Complementary Therapies? There are literally hundreds of different complementary therapies available, but below is a list of some ofView Full Post »

Are painkillers causing your headaches?

    1 million Britons have headaches from overusing painkillers was one of the many headlines to hit the papers last week.   So where exactly has this story arisen from? It’s actually from National Institute of Health and Clinical Excellence (NICE) who are advising doctors with new guidance on diagnosis and treatment of headaches.View Full Post »

5 Top Tips for Summer Allergies

  The summer sunshine brings a smile to most faces. However, it can also bring along some misery for a few particularly those who suffer from seasonal allergies such as hayfever. Luckily, there are a great number of things you can do to help naturally reduce the irritations that come with the seasonal allergies.  View Full Post »

Chickenpox – how to scratch the problem away

We all know and hear about people talking about childhood infectious diseases and a big one of these is Chickenpox. But how much do you really know about it, and would you know the signs and symptoms if they were to strike you or your family? I often get asked about natural remedies that couldView Full Post »