Special resources while in isolation


For adults

  • Free hypnosis relaxation recording - from Laurie Harvey
  • Online yoga/pilates classes - at Light Centre - this is chargeable but free to NHS staff
  • Home Festival - Free dance classes plus much more on Instagram live - check out some of the Strictly come dancing instructors who are all doing live dance classes or exercise classes plus many very special guests doing other creative classes such as cooking/baking, sewing etc.
  • Joe Wicks - see below for children's PE classes, which are good for adults too.  His YouTube channel also has excellent instructions for more advanced workouts too.
  • Thrifty Stitcher - Run and owned by Claire-Louise Hardie who is the top of the sewing game and someone I've known for a number of years.  Claire-Louise is also the original mastermind and Sewing Producer on the BBC Great British Sewing Bee.  She has lots of online sewing courses for everyone from beginners to the more advanced.
  • Gardening - if you're new to gardening then the Gardener's World website is a good starting point for general advice.


For children

Someone sent me this as a timetable that they have worked out themselves (sorry if some of these are no longer in action as things change frequently):


For those of you who like a bit of structure in your lives; here's what various celebrities are offering you and your kids for free daily to help with their education while schools are closed:

9.00am - PE with Joe Wicks - https://youtu.be/6v-a_dpwhro

10.00am - Maths with Carol Vorderman - www.themathsfactor.com

11.00am - English with David Walliams - https://www.worldofdavidwalliams.com/elevenses/

12.00pm - Lunch (cooking with Jamie Oliver)- https://www.jamieoliver.com/features/category/get-kids-cooking/

1.00pm - Music with Myleene Klass - https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCQh2wgJ5tOrixYBn6jFXsXQ

1.30pm - Dance with Darcey Bussel - https://twitter.com/diversedancemix/status/1241098264373592065

2.00pm - History with Dan Snow (free for 30-days) - https://tv.historyhit.com/signup/package

4.00pm - Home Economics with Theo Michaels (Mon/Wed/Fri) - https://www.instagram.com/theocooks


Non-daily events include:

Science with Professor Brian Cox, Robin Ince & Guests https://cosmicshambles.com/stayathome/upcoming-schedule

9.30am Wednesday 25 March - Geography with Steve Backshall https://twitter.com/SteveBackshall/status/1242058846941712385

For your older kids, here are 50 free revision resources for 11+, GCSEs and A-Levels:


Coronavirus update - 28th April 2020


I hope that you are all safe and at home, I'm just checking in to see how you are all doing as it's been 4 weeks since my last update to you.

I hope that if any of you or your loved ones did get Covid-19 that it was quick, short and everyone is now recovered or recovering well. I know several of my family and friends who have had the virus, with varying symptoms and recovery - even those in their 40s have been hit quite hard. I also have immediate family working in the frontline of the NHS and hear just how difficult life is at times and I'm so proud of them for putting others before themselves at all times.

I know that for many of you life over the past few weeks has not been easy. Rethinking day to day life and how we manage with everything isn't easy whether you are living alone or with a lot of people. For some trying to juggle working from home, young children (home schooling, meals, play etc) as well as normal cleaning, washing etc is really complicated and can raise anxiety and stress through the roof. For others the loneliness and lack of personal contact or open space is the major stressor. I think that the lockdown has brought challenges for every person that I know unique to their own circumstances.

For me, I went into self imposed lockdown prior to the government notice as I have my mother living with me. This week will mark us going into our 7th week of lockdown and no work for me. Due to mum it does mean that I am also limited to how much I'm able to get out of the house as carrying the virus home isn't ideal. I'm fortunate enough to have a good sized garden and I really enjoy gardening so these few weeks of sunshine have been a blessing. Normally I'd be squeezing in the gardening into 1 day of the weekend and now I can spread the load out without worry. My home to-do list is quite long as well and slowly I'm going through things.

Like everyone I am having roller-coasters of emotions. Initially I was quite enjoying the sitting around and chilling, then got productive, then was anxious (about everything including work and the world!), then relaxed and felt appreciative, last week apathy kicked in big time. This has now passed and I'm back to slight anxiety and being irritable and quite sad at times. I miss people, particularly my niece and nephew (who I've spoken about to many of you over the years) and it was my niece's birthday last week so I think that kicked in some of the apathy as I've never missed her birthday and always make her cake. We also lost a beloved family member to Covid-19, and that loss at such a distance is enormous. At the start of the lockdown we were desperately sad about my brother and his other half having to cancel their wedding in Scotland as we were all really excited about it. The celebrations have been postponed but we convinced them to go and get a civil ceremony without us and they video patched us in - and thankfully they did it! It was all done with correct social distancing and was beautiful. That then changed our sadness to utter love and joy.

And of course a big worry for me is that I'm self employed and my income comes from doing treatments, which has not happened since mid March and there's currently no restart date (see below). We do have some relief from the government, which would pay bills etc but it's not the same as what would have been earned. This is not really the sort of thing I can do fully remotely.

I do feel guilt when I think of my own circumstances and sadness when I know others are going through so much worse, and I do appreciate my own situation for the benefits I have. However, as I mentioned earlier, we are all in our own personal situations at our own homes and we are allowed to feel sad, happy, lazy, productive, scared, anxious, exhilarated, energetic, apathetic, grief, lonely etc - there are no rules in this.


Now for my clinic news.....


As you are aware, all of my clinics are closed for the foreseeable future, as both The Light Centre and Neal's Yard Remedies remain closed. If you have any booked appointments coming up, please note these will not go ahead.

I do miss seeing my clients and doing the treatments, but I’m also aware that being careful and cautious will mean that we all remain healthy and well.

Some people have been asking me about booking appointments in June and onwards and should they do that now. My answer is no, sorry.

Listening to government and medical advice it seems that currently we have no way of knowing when the restrictions will be lifted, and when they do there will still be complications related to continued social distancing and hygiene that the centres need to work through. For example, if we have 9 practitioners working at the same time we cannot have 9 clients in the waiting areas at the same time as the space is too small and correct social distancing cannot work in this case. Also each clinic room/therapy couch would need to be disinfected between clients and that would mean treatments cannot be back to back as usual so perhaps less people seen per shift. And no-one yet knows if we should wear some level of PPE, and if we do need it then would that be morally correct if the NHS needs it more. And then there's the bathrooms.... I've also been looking at what I'd do when I do restart and my thinking at the moment are that I'd probably only offer reflexology to begin with and no other face treatments or massages, just to protect you and me. My insurance company and professional associations are also not advising us to start clinics any time soon either.

Also, on a personal level, I have to consider my mum in this. Using the underground and doing the work that I do means exposing myself to the virus and possibly taking it home even if I'm extremely careful. So bearing in mind everything about the social distancing, risk, hygiene, health centre closures I think it's quite possible that my clinics may not be able to re-open before the end of July. Obviously I'll be constantly reviewing this and all the information and advice coming through and will update you as and when I can. This isn't ideal as I really wanted to be able to offer treatments sooner, but in many ways this is out of my hands - but I'm really sorry if this disappoints anyone.

A few of you have been in touch with me recently, and it's so nice to hear from you. I know that you miss your treatments and I miss seeing you. I want to be able to offer you some support and guidance in some way so I'm thinking to offer 15 minutes and 30 minutes video or phone consultations, after which I can offer personalised information to help you with your situation. This would be chargeable (at minimum cost) so would help me gain a small income too, I've got PayPal on the appointment system to pay at time of booking. I'll update my online appointment system with these new slots by the end of this week and you can book in if you would like them. I'll do relaxation techniques, self treatments, aromatherapy help, guided visualisations etc. Let me know if you would be interested in these.

I mentioned previously about the online videos and education. I was working on it (apart from last week when I had my apathy!) but I hit technical glitches. The one thing about everyone working from home and homeschooling is that the broadband speed is stretched quite a bit and this makes for difficult live video feeds or uploads. I'm still working to find the best solution and will let you know once it's done.

I’ve got a page on my website where I’ll be posting all Coronavirus updates like this one. The link to that page is also on my homepage.


Thank you for taking the time to read this longer than intended message and I'll be in touch again soon if I hear any more about the clinics and online videos.


Stay well, stay safe, stay home.

With warm regards



Coronavirus update - 30th March 2020


Hello to everyone


I hope that you are all safe and at home.

This lockdown brings with it many emotions, and I know that for some the anxieties and stress of the current situation is extremely difficult.  Plus then the home situation adds to this, some are living alone, others are trying to juggle working from home around children/home schooling and everyday home life.  None of this is easy and we’re all having to learn to adapt as we can.

I’ve been overwhelmed by the amount of community spirit though, and the support from everywhere is quite amazing and a lovely contrast to some of the horrors we’re hearing about regarding the behaviour of some in supermarkets and pharmacies.  Also there is a great deal of online support from a number of celebrities who are running activities for adults and children.  I will post some of these on my social media pages and website where I can.


As you are aware, all of my clinics are closed for the foreseeable future, and definitely throughout April and most likely all of May too.  If you have an appointment during these months please note that the appointments will not proceed, sorry.  I do miss seeing my clients and doing the treatments, but I’m also aware that a few months of being careful and cautious will mean that we all remain healthy and well.


I’m still working on doing some online material for you all.  Do you have any preferences? contact me

There’s aromatherapy blending, aromatherapy basics, make your own cream/balm (I need to check I can get my ingredients to do this), how to do facial exercises, face massage, coconut oil hair mask.  Anything else?  I can also do a quick 10 minute how to massage someone’s head/shoulders (if I can get a decent recording on my tablet).


I’ve been keeping myself very busy in isolation, my to-do list for home chores was already quite long and now I have time to tackle it.  The garden will also need my attention, although the weather these last few days hasn’t been ideal for this.  I’ve also got a lot of things I enjoy that don’t always have enough time to do, like baking, cooking, jigsaws, sewing/making clothes.  I do miss being able to just pop out whenever, seeing people in person or just being able to touch someone – be it a handshake, a hug or just a hand on their arm.  But, this will pass and we will all be able to slowly get back to normal – even if that does take time and it’s a slightly altered normal.

Stay well, stay safe, stay home.


With warm regards




Coronavirus - Clinic update 21 March 2020


This is an update on how things are with me and my clinics in relation the coronavirus issues.

After the Government briefing yesterday (20th March) all healthcare centres, like the ones I run my clinics from, are to close indefinitely.

As such both Neal’s Yard Remedies and The Light Centre where I have my clinics have closed their doors from today or will do tomorrow. And as is the case with this, there isn’t a fixed time scale that I can give you about this.

I had in fact stopped all my clinics last Tuesday 17th March, as I wanted to conform to the Government social distancing recommendations and because I have people in my house who fall into the higher risk group. And on 19th March the CNHC, one of my regulatory boards, informed all hands-on practitioners that they recommend we cease work to fall within these recommendations – so I’d done the correct thing just before the professional boards advised.

For all of you who have treatments booked in April (and possibly May) – I’ll be in touch with you personally closer to the time to advise you about what’s happening. As you all know, this whole situation is moving constantly, and as such so will be my actions.

I do hope that a safe resolution comes sooner rather than later, but it does look like we may be in this for the long haul.

I’m going to be stopping my online appointment bookings for the time being (you’ll still be able to cancel existing sessions if you need to by using the cancel link on your original appointment email).

And also, I was due to have a price increase from 6th April, but I’ve chosen to delay this for the time being and prices will remain as they are now.

I’ve got a page on my website where I’ll be posting all Coronavirus updates like this one. The link to that page is also on my homepage.

I'm looking to do some online workshops, talks or courses on aromatherapy, reflexology and relaxation. If you are interested in something like this then please let me know and I'll put something together and send you details. Please mark on there what topics you'd be interested in.

Thank you for taking the time to read this message and I hope you stay well.

With warm regards




Calm and Clear - Covid-19 update - 17th March 2020


Yesterday evening the Prime Minister laid out some new recommendations, which I have been looking into that are a number of social distance measures to reduce the risk of infection from the spread of the Covid-19 virus.  These include the following (taken from the Gov.uk website):


The main points are for those who are well and under 70 with no underlying health conditions:

  • limit social contact where possible
  • Use less public transport
  • Work at home where possible
  • Consider not going to pubs, restaurants, theatres and bars


Main points for those over 70, and/or have underlying health conditions or are pregnant:

  • Strongly advised against all of the activities above
  • Significantly limit face-to-fact interaction with friends and family if possible


Most importantly is to continue to follow the advice of washing your hands properly more often with soap and water.  If you cough either do this into a tissue which you bin immediately and then wash your hands - or if you don't have a tissue cough into the crook of your elbow not your hand.


I am reviewing clinics accordingly due to the reduction of use of public transport and the necessity of many of my clients to work from home.  Also, taking into account that I have in my home someone over the age of 70 who I need to consider too.



Calm and Clear Covid-19 update email sent 14th March 2020

I’m sure you’ve all received several similar emails to this over the past few days. I started this email many days ago, but every time I was ready to send it the advice and information changed. However, as many others are sending the emails I’ve decided that the time has come to send this out. I’m sorry to clog your inbox further if this isn’t wanted.
These are anxious and unknown times with the outbreak of COVID-19 globally – and now listed as a pandemic by the WHO. I know that many of you are concerned about the unknown and also more for those in the higher risk group.

The UK Government is monitoring the situation daily and their website has the most up to date advice and precautions.
I wanted to let you know about some information about how I’m dealing with the situation at my clinics, in line with all the information out there and to put your minds at rest as best as I can.

I always try to maintain the highest hygiene standards in clinic, but have put more time into extra cleaning of the rooms before I start (each treatment room is rented out so other practitioners and their clients will have been in there before me).
I only use my own equipment, which I ensure is properly cleaned at all times. I also disinfect all surfaces in the treatment rooms, including door handles, chairs, light switches, taps, couches etc and as always I wash my hands thoroughly and the start and end of the treatment.

And no hand to hand contact – so apologies if I don’t shake hands with you on arrival and leaving.

I am of course working directly on your skin – either feet, face or abdomen. As such most of the recommended hygiene methods are already in place.

I also ask if each of you could please wash your hands on arrival to the clinic (each clinic has soap and sinks with paper towels or hand driers). Some of the clinics have anti bacterial gel too where they’ve been able to get any.

Also, if you think you may be coming down with an illness, however mild, or if anyone at your home is in self isolation then please let me know in advance of your booked treatment.

If you have a new continuous cough and/or a fever of 37.8 degrees or higher then please stay at home and follow the self-isolation guidelines for 7 days. Same if you think you have been around someone with the coronavirus or if you have recently travelled abroad – please let me know in advance.

This will help reduce the spreading of the virus, and will benefit all of the clinics, clients and me too.

If you are booked in for a treatment and have a question or if you wish to reschedule for another time then please contact me at info@calmandclear.co.uk.
I will be reviewing this advice constantly as the expert knowledge and advice coming through is fluid, and this may mean having to change or even cancel certain appointments or clinics. I will do everything possible to not do this, but safety comes first and will do everything to protect all of you as well as me and my family.
I will post this plus some other information on my website and will try to update this as and when things change.

Thank you for taking the time to read this message and I hope you stay well.

With warm regards

Pregnancy and Covid-19

The Royal College of Obstetricians and Gynaecologists (RCOG)  has published guidance on it's website - here

You can find updates from my clinic The Light Centre (for Monument and Moorgate) here.