Calm and Clear Complementary Therapies© – Covid-19 Treatment protocols

Welcome to the Calm and Clear Complementary Therapies clinics©.

I have introduced several new protocols, protection and social distancing measures to keep everyone safe.


If you are coming for a treatment then please read the details below carefully and please ask if there’s anything you would like me to go over.


I have committed to making my treatments and the treatment rooms as Covid secure as possible.


  • I have undergone special training in wearing PPE - which I wear throughout the clinic session
  • I have undergone learning about Covid-19 and sterilising workplaces from the World Health Organisation (WHO).
  • I have received both doses of my covid vaccines plus the booster.
  • I do the rapid lateral flow tests at home several times a week, and always on the same day as a clinic.
  • The treatment room is thoroughly cleaned and ventilated between clients.
  • I am proud to have an AoR Covid secure workplace too.


Further details are below about changes to how the booking and treatment process is for the foreseeable future.



I look forward to seeing you again soon.


With kind regards




Before Booking an Appointment

Prior to booking an appointment please check if you fall into any of the categories below.


Please do not book an appointment if you are showing any signs of Covid-19 including:

  • A high temperature
  • A new, continuous cough
  • A loss or change to sense of smell or taste
  • New marks, rashes, spots, bumps of other lesions on your skin or toes


Unfortunately, I also cannot see you for a treatment if you fall into any of the following categories:


  • If you, or anyone else you share a house with, has been in contact with someone who has tested positive for Covid-19, or suspect that they have the virus, or if you are self-isolating or if they or you have been contacted by NHS Track and trace team – all within the last 14 days.


  • If you or someone you live with has travelled anywhere abroad within the past 7 days.


  • If you or someone that you live with has arrived back from one of the 'red zone' (or similar category) countries within the last 10 days - even with a negative PCR test.


  • If you or someone you live with has been in one of the areas in the UK under local lockdown or in the highest tier.


  • If you are defined by the Government as being extremely vulnerable or shielding (those with an NHS letter or contacted by your GP).


  • If you have received a covid-19 vaccine injection in the 3 days prior to the treatment appointment.

Booking Your Appointment

  • You can use the online appointment system to book in your appointment.  The slot availability will not be the same as pre-covid.  I’ll be working on different days and times and will also need extra time in-between clients to clean and ventilate the room.


  • Once you are booked in you will receive emails with booking details plus the 2 usual email reminders along with a link to these new covid guidelines.


  • I will also text you the day before your appointment to do the covid-19 risk assessment.  If for any reason we cannot do this in the 24 hours before the session then I will need to cancel the appointment as this is a requirement by both the government and my insurance.


  • All treatment payments are now fully contactless, no cash or cheques will be accepted.


  • There is a payment button to pay for your treatment on the email confirming your appointment, this is via Stripe or PayPal (not at Neal's Yard Remedies Covent Garden).


  • Or if you prefer to pay by BACS then let me know and I can send you the bank details, please let me know.


  • Payment by the online shop will be via PayPal.


  • Payment via the link on your appointment confirmation with be by Stripe.


  • For appointments at my Covent Garden clinic - Neal's Yard Remedies would like all payments to be done at their reception or via own online system. If you are booked to see me at Covent Garden I will discuss this with you directly.


  • For the current time the cancellation period has been lowered from the previous 48 hours notice to 24 hours notice.


  • If it happens that you are unwell due to covid-19 symptoms or that any of the pre-booking precautions now apply (see above) or if there is something that comes up from the risk assessment done the day before your treatment the appointment will need to be cancelled.  For these specific reasons there will be no cancellation charge.


  • If you are unable to attend for any other reason then please give 24 hours notice, you will be able to cancel using the links on the appointment confirmation and reminder emails.  Otherwise there will be a charge (normally the full cost of the treatment).


  • I will also cancel your appointment should any of the above points apply to my own personal circumstances.


  • Cancellations may be made by me if the infection rates increase significantly or if the UK Government prevents us from working due to any restrictions or lockdowns.


  • A no show for a treatment signifies a late cancellation and a full treatment charge will apply.


  • Cancellations cannot be made directly with any of the clinics, including at Covent Garden and Monument/Bank. They must be done directly with Calm and Clear Complementary Therapies using the methods listed above.


  • If the clinic needs to close for a Covid-19 deep clean then your appointment will be cancelled or re-scheduled as requested.  This may happen at short notice.

Consultations and follow up for new and existing clients

  • If you are a new client you will be sent a confirmation email for the appointment which has a link to complete your consultation form online prior to the treatment.


  • I require this consultation form back a minimum of 48 hours before the session.


  • If you are having a follow-up treatment then the follow up consultation might be done over the telephone or by video the day before your treatment, usually after your risk assessment, otherwise it will be done in person on the day at the start of the treatment.  This time spent on the follow-up will then be deducted from the overall appointment time and the remainder time will be used for your treatment.  This change to consultations is to bring us in line with the government Covid-19 regulations.


  • Please arrive unaccompanied just a short time prior to your treatment time.  There is only a small waiting area inside Monument and Covent Garden at present, if you are waiting inside please wear your mask and maintain a distance from other people.


  • There will be hand sanitiser at the entrance too, please sanitise your hands before proceeding.


  • Please try to keep to a 2 metre distance within the building and in the treatment room wherever possible (other than during your treatment itself).


  • Please wear a face covering or mask at all times inside the clinic.

What To Bring With You

  • Face covering/face mask – you will be asked to wear a face mask or face covering at all times within the building (unless you are exempt in which case please let me know in advance).  If your particular treatment is on the face then you will be asked to remove the mask just for the duration of the treatment time.


  • Water bottle – unfortunately, I cannot provide water in jugs/glasses as before so please bring your own water bottle with you for the session.


  • Personal belongings – please bring the minimal amount with you.  In Covent Garden you will be provided with a clean box to store your belongings.  This box is cleaned after each person.  At other locations it would be advisable to bring your own plastic bag or similar to store your belongings.

Treatment Room

  • The treatment room has been adapted to be covid secure.


  • The room is thoroughly sterilised/cleaned before each client arrives for their treatment.  Everything is now wipeable, including couch covers and pillow cases.  Anything not immediately washable or wipeable cannot be used.


  • I will also thoroughly ventilate the room in between clients and during sessions too by opening windows where there is one (at Monument there is an air filtration system).

Uniform and PPE

  • Upon arrival at the treatment room I will change from my outdoor clothing to specific work clothes and shoes (as I’ve always done) which is only worn indoors and these are also changed throughout the day.


  • I will also be wearing specific PPE including face mask and visor as well as plastic apron and on occasions I may wear gloves too.

Track and Trace

  • To comply with the Government Track and Trace we would provide some of your basic details, such as name, phone number, arrival time, departure time and date of appointment.


  • From 18th September 2020 it is mandatory for me to keep this information on file for 21 days.


  • The Trace and Track app is now live for you to download to your smartphone.  There are specific QR codes at all of my clinic for you to scan with your smartphone app which will register you as having attended that location for track and trace purposes.  This is not a necessary thing to do.

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