5 Top Tips for Summer Allergies

5 Top Tips for Summer Allergies

  The summer sunshine brings a smile to most faces. However, it can also bring along some misery for a few particularly those who suffer from seasonal allergies such as hayfever. Luckily, there are a great number of things you can do to help naturally reduce the irritations that come with the seasonal allergies.  View Full Post »

5 Tips for Healthier Skin

5 Tips for Healthier Skin

Do you look at some people’s skin with great envy wondering why yours is not as good as theirs?  What do you think their secret may be? We have to accept that much of the original structure of our skin is down to our DNA and some people are naturally more prone to dryness andView Full Post »

Ayurveda for Memory

Ayurveda for Memory

Daily I hear from clients, friends and family that they can’t seem to focus, concentrate or that their memory isn’t quite as sharp as it was.  They ask me if there is anything that I can think could assist them.  This is where my mind goes to Ayurveda for Memory. Ayurvedic medicine is the traditionalView Full Post »

Treatment Q&A – can I still receive a treatment?

I often get asked about when it is and isn’t appropriate to receive a treatment, whether this be reflexology, facial rejuvenation, pregnancy massage or similar. I have set up a dedicated FAQ page on the website, but of course not everyone will go to this (or know about it).  Some people just want some basic adviceView Full Post »

Detox – is it healthy or not?

  Doing a January detox seems to be the fashion these days, and if we believe all the papers and magazines it seems that everyone is doing one and that it’s the best thing for you.     There are so many people who go totally cold turkey from 1st January and then within aView Full Post »

Breast Cancer and Complementary Therapies

  To mark this October as Breast Cancer Awareness month I would like to focus on the use of Complementary Therapies (as opposed to alternative therapies) for anyone dealing with Breast Cancer.   So what are Complementary Therapies? There are literally hundreds of different complementary therapies available, but below is a list of some ofView Full Post »

Massage: Do you feel comfortable?

Earlier this year Daniel Pytlarz, a male massage therapist, was in the press as he’d been taken to court for ‘inappropriate behaviour and sexual assault’ whilst giving treatments to some female clients including a member of Paul McCartney’s staff (now ex staff).  He was acquitted of all charges, but did spend 9 months in prisonView Full Post »

Chickenpox – how to scratch the problem away

We all know and hear about people talking about childhood infectious diseases and a big one of these is Chickenpox. But how much do you really know about it, and would you know the signs and symptoms if they were to strike you or your family? I often get asked about natural remedies that couldView Full Post »

Natural Solutions for Sinus issues

Natural Solutions for Sinus issues

So often we hear people talk about having blocked sinuses or suffering from sinusitis, but do we really know what this is? What are sinuses? The sinuses are air-filled pockets or cavities within the bones of the face. These hollow air spaces are located above the eyes, on the forehead, behind the bridge of theView Full Post »

5 Tips for Happy Feet

5 Tips for Happy Feet! photo credit: sky#walker Have a relaxing and aromatic foot bath once a week. Use a bucket, otherwise a large bowl will do.  To this add some warm to hot water.  To this you can add some salts, ideally dead sea salt, if not then some rock salt or even goodView Full Post »

Therapy Focus: Ear Candling (Thermo-Auricular Therapy)

There are so many different treatments available, and some with quite different sounding names. I’m always getting asked more about what certain treatments are, or what could be better than something else so I’ve decided to describe a few on this blog. Thermo-Auricular Therapy The first treatment to focus on is Thermo-Auricular Therapy.  Now whatView Full Post »

Aromatherapy – An introduction

photo credit: carterse The word “Aromatherapy” is thrown around a lot these days. You find it not just on natural products, but it can be seen on your bubble bath, washing powder, deodorant and even on floor cleaner. However, what really is Aromatherapy, where does it come from and how can it be used? Over theView Full Post »