Maternity Reflexology

Maternity Reflexology or pregnancy reflexology is tailored to care for the mind and body of the pregnant woman and growing baby/babies.

This can start as early as preconception, and then is carried out throughout all stages of pregnancy into the postnatal period.

Reflexology is a safe, relaxing and comfortable treatment for pregnancy women, which can be used safely in all 3 trimesters if done by a fully qualified Maternity Reflexology practitioner.


Maternity reflexology - copyright Calm and Clear

copyright Calm and Clear


During Pregnancy

Pregnancy is a wonderful time for women, but it doesn’t come without it’s problems.  The changes in hormones and their actions on the body will have varied effects on each woman.  Reflexology may help manage some of these effects, including the emotional effects.

It has been used by women to manage:

  • Nausea & digestive disturbances
  • Headaches
  • Pain & discomfort in the back and pelvis
  • Stress and anxiety
  • Sleep management
  • Fluid retention
  • General emotional problems


“The result was wonderful. I felt utterly relaxed and rejuvenated and, of course, the added bonus of missing the energy-zapping bedtime duties for the evening in order to have my massage certainly helped too.” – review of Calm and Clear® pregnancy massage on the iVillage website.


Labour & Birth

Reflexology has been used by women during the labour and birth.  Many women receive reflexology to get their body and mind ready for the birth, especially if they are overdue.

Reflexology has been shown to be deeply relaxing and sedating on the mind and body.  Research into the progression of labour has shown that stress can impede a steady delivery and increase pain.  Relaxation can help increase natural endorphins in the body.



Life with a new baby can be a mixed time for most parents.  You have to deal with sleepless nights, nappy changes, feeding etc.  This can cause a great deal of stress for both parents, and the mother also has to deal with a new set of hormones and rebalance of the other hormones.  Reflexology has been used to help with the tiredness and emotional balance, as well as the general aches and pains.