Treatment Q&A – can I still receive a treatment?

I often get asked about when it is and isn’t appropriate to receive a treatment, whether this be reflexology, facial rejuvenation, pregnancy massage or similar. I have set up a dedicated FAQ page on the website, but of course not everyone will go to this (or know about it).  Some people just want some basic advice about my clinics and treatment policies, all of which are also found in the FAQ page.

Below is some general advice which applies to me and my treatments. However, this may vary for other practitioners and also upon which treatment you are going to receive.


Respiratory Infections

If you are currently suffering from a cold, ‘flu, cough, bronchitis, or similar then normally it is best not to receive a treatment at that time – especially if you feel feverish or have the chills.  There are a number of reasons for this, but mainly it’s to stop you from feeling worse.  Your body will be working it’s hardest to fight off the infection and to make you better.  In some instances the after effects of massage/reflexology can leave people feeling quite tired and if this is added to an already recovering body it can cause the person to feel worse or prolong the illness.  Add to this the fact that most of these diseases are contagious it’s best to so no to the treatment.


Skin Issues

Eczema and Psoriasis – are fine as long as the area is not infected or weeping – just make sure you inform the practitioner at the time.

Rosacea and Acne – these are generally ok to have treatment too, but it depends upon which treatment and also if you’re taking any medications.  Also for acne it would be advisable to avoid the area if there is an infection or it’s weeping.

Fungal infections – the affected area would not be able to be treated.  eg. athlete’s foot or nail infections would mean that the feet cannot be treated or that area is avoided.

Infectious skin problems – such as scabies, ringworm – would mean that you would not be able to receive a treatment as these are contagious.

Verrucas and warts – the affected area cannot be treated but the rest of the body/face would be fine to treat.  However, it best to cover the affected area with a plaster prior to attending the treatment.

Rashes – it depends on how wide spread the rash is, where it is, what caused it etc – but as a general rule it would be best to avoid that area or not have a treatment until the rash has subsided.


Fever and High Temperature

This is indicative of an infection in the body so you would not be able to receive any treatments until the fever or high temperature has passed.



This depends upon the practitioner and the treatment that you are receiving.  Also, what cancer it is, what stage, what treatments you are receiving etc.  At Calm and Clear® I am able to see clients for reflexology and sometimes massage (including facial rejuvenation, Indian Head Massage).  I have done further training which has qualified me to treat people currently have cancer or are in remission.  Most of the time it is best to check with your practitioner to see if they’ve undertaken further training in that particular therapy for use with cancer treatment.



At Calm and Clear® all of my treatments are suitable for pregnant clients from day 1 as I have undertaken a lot of extra training and also teach a Maternity massage diploma and Maternity reflexology diploma. However, there are many practitioners who will only see clients after 12 weeks (after 1st trimester) so please check with that particular person.  Also, please ask them about the level of specialist training that they have received in pregnancy.


These are just a few things that I am often contacted about or situations where someone has arrived for a treatment and I’ve had to let them know that I cannot treat them.  This is disappointing for the client who has been looking forward to the session and has made their way there.  This guide is to help prevent this disappointment by giving prior warning.  There are of course many other things – if you have any other things you’re unsure about then please comment below and I’ll try and answer them.


My main suggestion is that if you have any sort of illness, condition or are undergoing any medical treatment it is always best to check directly with the practitioner before your treatment – even if it is the same day.


If you have something new and unusual that you are unsure about then it’s always best to get medical advice prior to going for any treatment.

All practitioners have a cancellation policy, where they require a minimum of approx 24 to 48 hours notice for cancellations.  At Calm and Clear® I do require 48 hours notice of all changes and cancellations.  In a situation as above we may reserve the right to charge the client if they arrive for a session where they have a contraindication to the treatment if the practitioner hasn’t been notified beforehand.  However, if we are warned (even if it’s the same day) we may not charge for cancelling the session.



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