Fertility Massage Therapy

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That was amazing! I've never had a treatment quite like that before.  It was gentle, yet deep; soothing but invigorating.  My abdomen actually feels lighter.

Fertility Massage

Do you suffer from painful or/and heavy periods?


Do you have endometriosis, PCOS, fibroids or other gynae conditions?


Thinking about getting pregnant?


Want to optimise your chances of getting pregnant?


Have you suffered from miscarriages with no known cause?


Are you undertaking assisted conception like IVF or IUI?


Been trying to get pregnant for a while, but with no luck?

Women's reproductive systems are complex and intricate which can occasionally lead to issues, from the milder forms of PMT to more complex conditions such as endometriosis and fibroids.  Our pelvis is full of digestive and reproductive organs, ligaments and muscles which are all interlinked and connected - sometimes when one is misaligned it will effect the others.

Getting pregnant is not as easy for some couples as it is for others, and they can find themselves in a very stressful and emotive situation, which in turn may create a vicious cycle.

You may not be even considering getting pregnant, but are suffering from various female reproductive issues such as PCOS, endometriosis, heavy periods, fibroids and want something to soothe.


At Calm and Clear Complementary Therapies® we are trained in the specialised form of massage called Fertility Massage Therapy, and are listed on the Fertility massage website as an accredited practitioner.

What is Fertility Massage?


Fertility massage therapy is deeply relaxing and assists the body and mind to reach a balance, and this in turn is thought to affect the balancing of the endocrine system (hormones).

This treatment is an advanced and specialised massage which uses several different techniques, and is focused exclusively on the abdomen and lower back/sacrum.  Fertility massage therapy is gentle, but still a deep, massage which is designed to help improve the circulation to the abdomen and in turn aiding blood flow and reducing internal ligament/muscle tension.

Our abdomen is full of various organs, ligaments, blood vessels, nerves etc which all work together.  However, if any of these are misaligned they will have an impact on the rest which can create it’s own region of problems.


Fertility Massage and Assisted Conception


Fertility massage can be received before, during or after assisted conception (IVF, IUI etc). We are fully trained to work with the drug regime that you are under and to work with what your body is dealing with as well as aiding with the side effects.

Many couples have found it very helpful to receive Fertility massage treatments when dealing the stress and emotional upheavals linked with assisted conception methods, after miscarriages or just due to the disappointments from not getting pregnant.


At Calm and Clear Complementary Therapies® we specialise in treating all areas of conception & fertility – natural or assisted.

All of the Calm and Clear Complementary Therapies® treatments are excellent for use during this time.

The fertility massage treatments can support both women and men for all aspects of preconception. Including if you are about to start assisted conception (such as IVF, ICSI and IUI), are in the middle of treatment or after assisted conception where it has not worked or after miscarriages.

You can use complementary therapies in a number of ways during fertility and conception. This can be both on a physical and emotional level.

At Calm and Clear Complementary Therapies® we are focused on keeping up to date with natural and medical treatments for preconceptual care, infertility and pregnancy, and we then use complementary treatments and other beneficial techniques to assist you.

We treat women and men at any stage in their fertility planning. This can be from the start when it’s just in the planning phase to enhance general health before trying for a baby. Or it can be for couples who are experiencing problems with conception and are now having fertility treatment such as IVF or ICSI with the medical clinic.

As every person is treated as an individual the treatments are bespoke to each person’s requirements and to work with whatever stage of the fertility plan you are at.


Why have Fertility Massage?


When you come for your appointment a detailed and full consultation is taken with you. After this an individual treatment program will be designed according to your requirements, including which treatments and techniques which would be best for you and how often you would need to have a treatment. You will also be offered some additional advice for your own requirements.



The specialised fertility massage techniques are specifically adapted to work for each individual person.

Benefits of Fertility Massage


Increases circulation to the uterus, ovaries, and fallopian tubes


Promotes hormonal balance - so regulating menstrual cycles


reduced PMS & PMT symptoms


alleviating many of the discomforts of hormonal issues


easing tightness in the upper abdomen and diaphragm


reducing stress and anxieties


Increases circulation to the digestive system


helping with heavy and painful periods


aiding natural conception and fertility


supporting Assisted Reproductive Techniques (IUI, IVF & ICSI cycles)


reduced stress levels & associated symptoms of stress


Aids digestive problems

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What Happens During a Treatment?

A full detailed consultation is taken before the treatment, checking for any contraindications to treatment. Details about your general health, medication, diet and hobbies will be discussed.

You will then be asked to lie on the massage couch faced down under towels and made as comfortable as possible.

The treatment commences with a back and gluteal massage to release tension and increase blood flow.  Some work with rebozos may be done at this time.

You will then be turned over to lie on your back.  The abdominal area will then be massaged, which includes the digestive system and area around the uterus (depending on personal issues).  More gentle and soothing work is done using the rebozo wraps to finish the treatment.

Various techniques are used throughout the session, and can include rocking, deep massage, lighter massage, pressure points, rebozo work, visualisation and breathing techniques.


During the treatment you may feel some tightness or tenderness or textures in certain parts of the areas being worked on.

Follow up and after care advice will be given at the end of the session, and possibly some “homework”.  General lifestyle advice, including dietary advice will also be given related to your individual needs.



Initial treatments are 90 minutes long and full follow up treatments are 1 hour or 90 minutes long, where specific concerns can be looked at further.

The fertility massage sessions can also be combined with any of the other therapies, including reflexology, into a 1 ½ hour treatment or can be longer if there is a more specific consultation required (such as with fertility).



There are a few things that may mean either you cannot receive a treatment or the treatment will have to be adapted.

Some of these includes:


  • 3 days prior to and during heavy menstrual bleed
  • If you have a coil fitted
  • Within 6 weeks of minor surgery
  • Within 1 year of major surgery (or with approval from GP)
  • Active infection or STD
  • Avoid womb area & deep sacral massage post ovulation if you are actively trying to conceive or have had implantation

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Fertility Massage

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