Holistic Facial

The Calm and Clear Holistic Facial is no longer available as a stand-alone treatment – sorry.

It is only available combined with another treatment into a 90 minutes or 2 hour appointment, eg with Facial Rejuvenation or MLD face.


I had a fabulous facial at Neals Yard. The therapist was Rima Shah who has been working in the complementary health field for ten years. It was very relaxing and the products used were heavenly….. My skin glowed, and I came away feeling very refreshed. In the past, I have had some bad facial experiences, reacting to fruit acids etc., but there was no ‘sting in the tail’ from this treatment. – Review on Imperfectly Natural Janey Lee Grace.


“I just had my amazing facial…………..Thank you so much for my facial, I absolutely loved it……the little eyebrow thing you did there was lovely….” – Fearne Cotton live on BBC Radio 1


What is a Holistic Facial?

Holistic facials are much more than just a facial.

This is a sumptuous way to treat your skin to a work out, whilst relaxing and soothing your mind.

The treatment leaves your skin looking revitalised, refreshed and more youthful. The skin and under lying muscles are nourished, deeply cleansed, soothed and lifted.

At Calm and Clear Complementary Therapies® we use the very best organic and natural skincare products from Neal’s Yard Remedies and Weleda to tailor each facial according to your specific needs.

The treatment can include a cleanse, exfoliation, mask, massage and moisturising part to the treatment. We do not do steam or extractions.

The facial, including the facial rejuvenation massage or Manual lymph drainage, is all done manually using hands - there is no machinery used.


This treatment is done as an extremely lavish 90 minute treatment combined with any of the other Calm and Clear® therapies, but is particularly good with either Facial Rejuvenation or with Manual Lymph Drainage for the face.


Rima Shah designed and was the lead tutor of the Neal’s Yard Remedies Holistic Facials course for the initial 10 years, training other practitioners about how to do the Neal’s Yard Remedies Holistic Facial.




What happens during a session?

The session starts with an in-depth consultation, where details about your skin type, skin routine and general lifestyle considerations are taken.

The treatment begins with a deep cleanse of the skin and décolleté area.

The rest of the treatment can include an exfoliation, mask, deep massage and moisturiser. The specific products used will vary according to your individual requirements, therefore giving you a bespoke treatment.

The whole treatment does not just stop at the face but includes face, head, shoulders, neck and décolleté area.

The session ends with comprehensive aftercare advice on lifestyle, general health improvements and skin care advice.

Following the facial clients have reported feeling a deep level of relaxation and peace. In addition their skin was said to feel fresher and smoother, and looked clearer and more radiant.

Regular treatments will provide long term benefits and a greater sense of well-being.


The Holistic Facial can be combined with the Facial Rejuvenation massage or Manual Lymph Drainage face massage into the “Ultimate Face Combination”. The whole session lasts for 1 ½ hours, and is an ideal solution for tired or mature skin in need of some attention.


Combined with the Thermo-Auricular Therapy (ear candling), the Holistic Facial may aid any “blocked” feeling around the head and with any sinus problems.


Ultimately, with the Holistic Facial treatment you should experience a sensual and pleasurable treatment, which leaves you relaxed and revived.