5 Ways to Better Sleep

5 Ways to Better Sleep

Is better quality sleep something that you struggle with? You’re not alone, more and more people report that their sleep patterns change regularly. Some fall asleep with no problems only to wake throughout the night. Others struggle for hours to get to sleep but then sleep soundly only to be rudely awaken by the alarmView Full Post »

Breast Cancer and Complementary Therapies

  To mark this October as Breast Cancer Awareness month I would like to focus on the use of Complementary Therapies (as opposed to alternative therapies) for anyone dealing with Breast Cancer.   So what are Complementary Therapies? There are literally hundreds of different complementary therapies available, but below is a list of some ofView Full Post »

Natural Solutions for Sinus issues

Natural Solutions for Sinus issues

So often we hear people talk about having blocked sinuses or suffering from sinusitis, but do we really know what this is? What are sinuses? The sinuses are air-filled pockets or cavities within the bones of the face. These hollow air spaces are located above the eyes, on the forehead, behind the bridge of theView Full Post »

5 Tips for Happy Feet

5 Tips for Happy Feet! photo credit: sky#walker Have a relaxing and aromatic foot bath once a week. Use a bucket, otherwise a large bowl will do.  To this add some warm to hot water.  To this you can add some salts, ideally dead sea salt, if not then some rock salt or even goodView Full Post »

Tinnitus Awareness week – The noisy problem

photo credit: pat00139 From 6th to 12th February 2012 it is National Tinnitus Awareness week.   So what is Tinnitus? Tinnitus is where a person can hear sounds or noises in their ears without there being an external cause for this noise. The sounds themselves seem to be within the ear channels themselves but onView Full Post »

Aromatherapy – An introduction

photo credit: carterse The word “Aromatherapy” is thrown around a lot these days. You find it not just on natural products, but it can be seen on your bubble bath, washing powder, deodorant and even on floor cleaner. However, what really is Aromatherapy, where does it come from and how can it be used? Over theView Full Post »